What a year!

Wow! It has been a long time since our last bog post.

Tina and I have been through a lot and would like to share our journey with you.  Three years ago Tina’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, which she is continuing to fight successfully. The burden of this disease can lay heavy on the person and their family in ways that can’t be explained unless you have been there. We have learned to praise God in all things


2013-2014 have been a rough couple years. In total we had to say goodbye to 7 friends and family members as they left earth. We are ready for a break from all the loss. On January 10th 2014 my father passed away in Milton, FL where he spent most of his time. Along with being the owner/photographer of Moorman Photographics, I became the President of Sunburst RV Resort, trustee of my father’s estate and landlord in the matter of a ten minute phone call when my father passed. In addition, we continue to stay involved in our ministry efforts. I love a good challenge, but wow! Needless to say, I miss my dad greatly, however due to the size of his estate I have been so busy managing affairs that I have not had much time to really grieve his loss. My father’s legacy will continue on with his financial gifts to two wonderful children’s hospitals. I can truly take joy in that fact that his gift will be helping children for many years.


We are excited about our new venture managing Sunburst RV Resort located in Milton, Florida. It is a peaceful oasis and relaxing getaway. You are welcome to check out the website for more photos and further information. www.sunburstrvresort.com



I am thankful that I have a great team at our studio. Moorman Photographics is doing well despite all the diversions we have had. We are busy creating images for our clients and we truly look forward to our assignments. God always amazes me at how he provides. We were blessed this year to have the opportunity to work with Fieldstone Landscaping Services on our long awaited lawn renovation. www.fieldstonels.com



We look forward to a busy holiday and Christmas portrait season with you. We definitely look forward to a new year. Thank you to all of our loyal clients and friends for always being there for us. Without you we would not be here. Have a blessed season!

Things to think about when shopping for a professional photographer.

In this day and age many people are looking online to find professional photography services. I fully understand and embrace the digital age, however the computer does not allow the bride and groom an intimate look at whom it is that they are hiring. After finding the photographer that creates images that you love, I recommend starting with a phone consultation. After phone consultation if you are interested in finding out more, then I recommend a consultation at the photographer’s studio. This is known in the industry as a pre-bridal consultation. This will allow you to learn more about the photographer’s personality, how they dress and will also tell you a lot about how they will treat your guests. Remember, a bride usually hires the photographer six months to a year in advance. That is a long relationship with someone you may not get along with. Take time to get to know and build a relationship with your photographer. Also know that the photographer is also interviewing you. I am positive that they do not want to enter into a contract with someone that is hard to deal with. Many brides do not realize that they are also being critiqued.

 Another important note to remember is that a photographer with an actual business location is usually a more dependable option. They are committed in a lease or mortgage on the property and therefore show a solid foundation in the industry. A firmly planted photographer is less likely to disappear on you just before, or after, your special day.

During your search it is also important to consider that price should not be your only deciding factor. When doing your research you will find photographers from $300 to $10,000 for what looks like similar services on paper. Often times the cheaper photographer is a part time photo business owner and has a full time job in another industry from which they derive their main income and benefits. Many of these photographers are great artists but normally they do not have their retirement invested in your wedding but rather just a side income for them. Most often they are not professionally trained but rather self-taught photographers.  Look for a photographer with many years in the industry and/or a degree in professional photography. This will allow you to hire photographers that are skilled to handle any Circumstance they may encounter at a wedding. Many photographers do not have Liability insurance or the proper business licensing. If someone at your wedding trips over the photographer’s camera gear and is injured, you the bride and groom, may be liable for the persons injuries if the photographer is not licensed and or insured. This is because you have hired them and are now acting as the contractor.

Photographers who do not have a Tax Id number are operating illegally. Please do not support illegal business practices just because they are cheaper. It is a federal offense on the photographer’s part if they get caught. The tax ID number is absolutely free and a business license (in Pinellas County) is $65. This is a small price to pay to get legal. I always feel that if the photographer is unwilling to pay the small fee to get legal what will they try to get away with doing or not doing on your wedding day.

 The cheaper photographer does not usually have top cutting edge professional equipment. Today anyone can go to an electronics store and purchase a $500 camera, create a $100 web site and print out business cards on their home printer and say they are a pro. A professional photographer will have invested many years in education and at least $10,000 in equipment. High-end professional cameras are $3000 to $5000 a piece just for the camera body and they should be carrying two or three to ensure they have back up gear in the instance something were to fail. This cost does not include the assortment of lenses varying from $1500 to $3000 each. The photographer will have to purchase new camera bodies at least every two years due to technology changes and camera wear. It is very expensive to be in business as a photographer. The expenses mentioned here do not include the expense of operating the studio building, payroll, furnishing the studio, office equipment, insurance and the computers, editing programs and the advertising to reach out to you and much more.

Be even more leery of those that do not have a web site but rather only use Facebook or  a site like Flickr or Smugmug to market their work. Again, if they are not willing to pay for a real site they are probably not a full time professional.

Any photographer that says they specialize in natural light photography is also a red flag. Natural light photography is the first and simplest form of lighting. This tells me that they are unable to use studio lighting or on camera flash in a way that produces great results. Wedding images can and will be created in a variety of lighting scenarios throughout the entire event. Your photographer needs to be prepared to create great images no matter how much or little light is available. I personally always use my lighting even when the main source of light is the sun as it can add dimension to the subject.

 Please understand that just because your friend or neighbor takes great landscape images does not mean that she or he can create timeless wedding photos. I have been in business for almost 20 years and covered over 500 weddings and events. To this day the most challenging thing I do is create wedding images that will preserve these once in a lifetime moments. The responsibility on the photographer’s shoulders to properly document your wedding with passion is huge. There is only one opportunity to get it right. The next day the cake is gone, your dress is packed away and the tuxes have been returned. Not to mention that your family and guests have boarded the airplane and gone home. Why trust this once in a lifetime event to some one that is untrained, under prepared, and a liability risk in order to save a few dollars. I have heard too many brides weep after-the fact about how they wished they had made a more serious investment in their photography.

Professionals are often involved in professional photographers associations. The Professional Photographers of America is a great place for photographers to continue their education in this fast changing industry. There are also state and local guilds they should be involved in. The associations are also a great place for the bride and groom to find a professional. I am a member of all three.

Most of the things mentioned here are very helpful suggestions to consider when hiring a professional photographer for any event in your life or business endeavors. A few examples are:

Business portraits

Family portraits

Children’s Portraits

Newborn photography

Corporate event photographs

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs


Anniversary party

Retirement party

Wedding photography

Product photography

Professional food photography for restaurants


List of things to look for while searching for the right photographer:

Business License (in the counties that require it)

Tax Id number

Sufficient insurance

Professional equipment and back up gear

Professional web site

Studio location (or a professional home studio)

Professional photography Association memberships

There are so many different areas of photography to serve all walks and or endeavors in life. When there is a need for more than just cell phone snaps to preserve those special moments please consider hiring a full time professional. You will be glad you did.

I pray this information is helpful in your search for a photographer. If we can be of assistance please feel free to contact us.

Rob Moorman










Moorman Photographics Holiday Offer

FPP Experience

Many of you may not know that professional photographers have wonderful associations that they can be involved in. Most important to us are the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) and Tampa Professional Photographers Association (TAPPA). We are blessed to be a part of all of these. It is through seminars, conventions and print competition among our peers that we further our education and stay current with the trends and equipment in the industry.

This past week was the FPP Convention held in Orlando, FL. As we have done for several years, we were head of the committee for Sunday Devotions. Though it is a small part of the convention, it is a blessing for us to hold a devotional "church' service where we can re-focus on Jesus Christ with sharing from our good friend and full-time missionary photographer, Tom Mills (Campus Crusade for Christ), talented musician Rick Morris and nationally recognized photographer and musician, Tim Kelly.

This convention was a special one as Rob was recognized for many years of outstanding service to the association by receiving his Florida Service Award "degree". He has also received his Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence and Florida Education Degree. Congratulations, Rob!!


Tom Mills, of Campus Crusade for Christ, sharing the word

Rob enjoying worship and mixing sound

Rick Morris tickling the ivory's

Tim Kelly and Rick Morris

Tim Kelley Master portrait artist and musician

Reedy Photo booth at FPP Convention Tradeshow. Robin Phillips, Aaron Lockwood and Kevin Newsome pictured.

The FPP Florida School booth. Rob is one of the mentors you can bid on. Winners get to spend a day learning from their chosen mentor.

The Munoz Family own and operate a notable wedding photography studio in Miami. We were honored to learn new skills and tips from their seminar including live models.



FPP Awards Dinner

FPP Convention Awards Dinner

Rob receiving his FSA Degree, presented by President, Donna Campiz




Precious Fingers and Toes!

There is nothing more amazing than new life. The wonder in a baby's eyes. The beauty of those tiny fingers and toes. And while we are enjoying this precious creation we have a little fun! This was a great shoot for some friends and their newborn. We captured a few new looks and even played dress up a little! 

Spring Portraits


Spring is in the air! The trees and plants all rejoice with their fresh new green growth and the flowers all over town are just gorgeous. Celebrate with us as we venture out to the park to capture this exciting time of year. These lovely girls were such a treat to photograph with their bright, playful smiles and classic dresses. We hope you enjoy browsing through the images as much as we did creating them!