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Many of you may not know that professional photographers have wonderful associations that they can be involved in. Most important to us are the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) and Tampa Professional Photographers Association (TAPPA). We are blessed to be a part of all of these. It is through seminars, conventions and print competition among our peers that we further our education and stay current with the trends and equipment in the industry.

This past week was the FPP Convention held in Orlando, FL. As we have done for several years, we were head of the committee for Sunday Devotions. Though it is a small part of the convention, it is a blessing for us to hold a devotional "church' service where we can re-focus on Jesus Christ with sharing from our good friend and full-time missionary photographer, Tom Mills (Campus Crusade for Christ), talented musician Rick Morris and nationally recognized photographer and musician, Tim Kelly.

This convention was a special one as Rob was recognized for many years of outstanding service to the association by receiving his Florida Service Award "degree". He has also received his Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence and Florida Education Degree. Congratulations, Rob!!


Tom Mills, of Campus Crusade for Christ, sharing the word

Rob enjoying worship and mixing sound

Rick Morris tickling the ivory's

Tim Kelly and Rick Morris

Tim Kelley Master portrait artist and musician

Reedy Photo booth at FPP Convention Tradeshow. Robin Phillips, Aaron Lockwood and Kevin Newsome pictured.

The FPP Florida School booth. Rob is one of the mentors you can bid on. Winners get to spend a day learning from their chosen mentor.

The Munoz Family own and operate a notable wedding photography studio in Miami. We were honored to learn new skills and tips from their seminar including live models.



FPP Awards Dinner

FPP Convention Awards Dinner

Rob receiving his FSA Degree, presented by President, Donna Campiz





Robin H. Phillips  commented on  August 20th, 2012

Congrats on your degree and thanks for handling devotions.

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