What a year!

Wow! It has been a long time since our last bog post.

Tina and I have been through a lot and would like to share our journey with you.  Three years ago Tina’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, which she is continuing to fight successfully. The burden of this disease can lay heavy on the person and their family in ways that can’t be explained unless you have been there. We have learned to praise God in all things


2013-2014 have been a rough couple years. In total we had to say goodbye to 7 friends and family members as they left earth. We are ready for a break from all the loss. On January 10th 2014 my father passed away in Milton, FL where he spent most of his time. Along with being the owner/photographer of Moorman Photographics, I became the President of Sunburst RV Resort, trustee of my father’s estate and landlord in the matter of a ten minute phone call when my father passed. In addition, we continue to stay involved in our ministry efforts. I love a good challenge, but wow! Needless to say, I miss my dad greatly, however due to the size of his estate I have been so busy managing affairs that I have not had much time to really grieve his loss. My father’s legacy will continue on with his financial gifts to two wonderful children’s hospitals. I can truly take joy in that fact that his gift will be helping children for many years.


We are excited about our new venture managing Sunburst RV Resort located in Milton, Florida. It is a peaceful oasis and relaxing getaway. You are welcome to check out the website for more photos and further information. www.sunburstrvresort.com



I am thankful that I have a great team at our studio. Moorman Photographics is doing well despite all the diversions we have had. We are busy creating images for our clients and we truly look forward to our assignments. God always amazes me at how he provides. We were blessed this year to have the opportunity to work with Fieldstone Landscaping Services on our long awaited lawn renovation. www.fieldstonels.com



We look forward to a busy holiday and Christmas portrait season with you. We definitely look forward to a new year. Thank you to all of our loyal clients and friends for always being there for us. Without you we would not be here. Have a blessed season!

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